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Loyal Poehler


"Suicide" by Loyal Poehler

Cedar Park, Texas

oil on canvas

24 inches long x 36 inches wide

I was living at a constant level 10 pain and nothing helped (I still do) due to a failed back surgery; it was like having 4 knives in my back at all times, (the rods were shaped like a C instead of an I) and were digging into my back constantly, no relief, nothing, and I just wanted to go into my garage and start up the car and go to sleep forever. But I fought and then I painted it, the piece was done at great cost of even more pain, but I got it out of me and on to the canvas. It is by far one of the most painful and personal works of art I ever created. And it saved my life, but it's up to you to see my message, I think those who have come close will understand and it may even help them - like it did me.

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