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Emily Reim

"The Great Unburdening"

"The Great Unburdening" by Emily Reim

New Haven, Connecticut

acrylic on canvas

20 inches long x 18 inches wide

This piece was no easy task. It was the art of admitting to the self. Recognizing the pain of years of harsh medical conditions, recognizing the chronic ache of the back, the sore creak in the knees, the insurmountable stomach pain, the potential infertility, the high-risks. All unpleasant and therefore avoidable, if we don't talk about our pain, our risks then we can carry our burden alone, feeling no guilt of allowing others in on the truth. The Great Unburdening is about not only accepting my arthritic degeneration and my failing reproductive system but of sharing with others what kind of pain this causes. It's as if everyday that I struggle to get out of bed suddenly became worth the pain, the pills and the fight because at least now I'm saying, "I'm 26, I'm in pain and I accept it."

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